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What IDE to use?
What IDE would you recommend to accomplish the Developer Assignment? Thanks!
I used Eclipse - it's free, and IMHO it's great
You might consider using something simple, like Textpad. The advantage here is that it doesn't do 'too much' for you, thus forcing you to learn all about classpaths, etc.

I can also recommend eclipse because it really helps you in formatting your code (I've read that you must be absolutely conform to the java formatting convention) and helps you adding javadoc comments. Auto completion is also nice
Eclipse offers much more but the points above (for me) are the interestings one regarding the SCJD
I used WSAD as it helps to compile and pack everything, and I could work out my SCJD assignment in office.

But as WSAD is built on top of Eclipse, you may still enjoy some of WSAD advantages.

Eclipse is terrific. NetBeans works too. Both are free.

I don't think either of these does too much for you at all. I agree with Max that it is important to know what's going on.

For me, it was very useful in the project to use Ant, and both of these IDEs have built-in integration with Ant.
I prefer eclipse (www.eclipse.org). It takes a bit to get used to and I would recommend the O'Reilly Eclipse book as well.

If you need something quick and easy, Edit Plus (www.EditPlus.com) is good, it does a lot of syntax highlighting for Java and allows you to customize Tool Buttons to perform compile (javac.exe) and run actions (java.exe).
I think it's beter to use a simple text editor if you are learning the basics (the way Sun courses) and later move to an IDE. That way you could understand all about classpath, packages, ...


I think it's beter to use a simple text editor if you are learning the basics (the way Sun courses) and later move to an IDE.

Why not try Emacs with jde? You get the a simple text editor combined with the most powerful ide on earth for the same price - free!

I had a quick play around with eclipse last week and it looks quite good if you like conventional IDEs.


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Seriously, you might find that you have enough issues to deal with without requiring something else to work through.

However, if you want a great environment to do you work with, get Eclipse and don't look back.
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