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Thread Usage in Remote Method Invocations
Hi everybody,
This forum has been very useful. I have been able to solve many problems by reading other people's posts.
And I am having another question regarding to RMI and Thread. Any help would be very much appreciated.

The RMI Specifications say:
"A method dispatched by the RMI runtime to a remote object implementation may or may not execute in a separate thread. The RMI runtime makes no guarantees with respect to mapping remote object invocations to threads."

my question is
Should i assume that concurrent requests from clients are handled by RMI (which, accoring to some articles, is not scalable)?


Should i implement a RMI server that places all requests from clients to a queue, then have a group of Threads that process these requests and send the results back to the clients.

Any suggestions from Java Experts out there

I don't think you need to go to that level of complexity, just simple calls to RMI, and don't assume that the next call will occur in the same thread.


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