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jdk question

I got an assignment recently and for now I have only one question. As far as I understood I may use for development jdk1.4.(something latest) and jdk1.5.0. But the question is, what should I do with some code differencies between two platforms. Is it permitted to use some Java 5 specific code and language features? (like asserts, templates and new concurrency classes)
of course. As long as you state you're using 1.5 you can use the full force of the platform.
If you state you're using 1.4 of course you can't use any of the new features as your sources are supposed to compile with a 1.4 compiler and the classes to run on a 1.4 runtime (which 1.5 compiled classes won't).
Use JDK 1.5 without NIO. JDK 1.5 has more function on string & other lot of things but mention that in your version.txt
I also thought about features of 1.5, but had some concerns. OK, now it is clear, thanks a lot
No NIO, but what about java.util.concurrent.* packages. Is it allowed?
Hi Vadik,

No NIO, but what about java.util.concurrent.* packages. Is it allowed?

Anything that is not explicitly disallowed in your instructions is implicitly allowed.

And yes, that does mean that NIO is allowed in most cases.

Regards, Andrew
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