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SCJD: Where to find Essay Questions?
Hello Team,

Does anyone know where to find exam like essay questions? I'd like to take the extra initiative to see what kinds of things SUN is looking for and what types of questions they would ask.


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The point of the essay is for you to prove that you did the assignment. If you knew the essay questions beforehand then it would be possible to get around this test of authentication.

So no actual essay questions are to be discussed in this forum, please.
Sure Barry. Although, this would have also answered the question, I got it from your FAQ.


The question I was attempting to ask is what type of answers the graders look for. Short, concise or long and thorough. Essays are subjective and that's not black and white like designing a project and implementing it based on that design. Those who are good with design often have a difficult time expressing thier thoughts and I'm trying to cover this from all angles.
Hi Michael,

In my opinion, if you can explain why you did design choice A and not design choice B in one sentence, one sentence is enough. To be one the safe side you can add further reasons for your choice, so that there are more than one sentence.

I think that SUN has different guys who read your answers and each of them has a different opinion about what is long or enough. That is why I think there is no general answer how long and how detail an answer should be.

As long as I make sure
  • that I did the coding and
  • give good reasons for my design choice
  • I should be on the save side to pass the second part of SCJD.

    When I did the SCEA, I did it that way and pass it successfully. Even with the obstacle that the keyboard was german and but the PC thought it was an American one. So I had really problems in my English writing that there is a Z and not a Y for example.

    I hope I could give you some confidence

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