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1. public void method(){
3. if (someTestFails()){
5. }

You want to make this method throw an IOException if, and only if, the method someTestFails() returns a value of true. Which changes achieve this?

A. Add at line 2: IOException e;
B. Add at line 4: throw e;
C. Add at line 4: throw new IOException();
D. Add at line 6: throw new IOException();
E. Modify the method declaration to indicate that an object of [type] Exception might be thrown.
The Ans is D,E
I think C is better than D. Do anyone knows that?

ur right the answerr is c,E bcas the if the if test returns true then the statement immediately next to the if clause only will be executed then, there only we have to throw the exception.
For option e the method is merely telling the caller that it may throw that exception.

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