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Specify JNLP applet icon
Hi all,

I have a large legacy applet that I'm converting to be a JNLP app. This process was nice an simple apart from a few caveats that I've run up against due to the application being based on an JApplet and wondered if you guys knew of a workaround (other than branching the code and making a different JFrame version).

The first problem is that whilst the applet loads via JNLP at the desired size the frame it loads in isn't resizable at all and I don't know how I get access to that fram from within an applet.

The second is that I don't know how to set the icon in the corner of that frame. All the dialogs and frames launched by the applet have their custom icon set fine but I don't know how to set that upon the root JApplet launched by JNLP. The JNLP icon tags don't seem to help (as they specify the splash screen and desktop icons for the app).

would love someone someone to come up with a simple solution to this.

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