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Transferring files frm one machine to another
Hi guys,
I need to transfer files form one machine to another machine using Sockets or any other API. I have done this before but the problem is that i cannot run the server program at the server.The program should run only one one machine which is requesting the files from the server. this is due to security reasons etc etc
how can i achieve this?
pls help
If you are not allowed to run a service on the server, then you'll have to depend on a service already on the server. Can you run FTP? RCP? SFTP? SCP? Can you mount the server's disk? Can you access files via http? etc.

Furthermore, there may not be a java api either? Once you figure out how to do it, you may have write a script that does it, and call the script from your program.

If you have access to the machine the files are on, just run an FTP server on your computer and upload the files from the other machine ;-)

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