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Server Cache Synchonisation Protocol.
Hi all,

I want to write a java program/use a protocol to synchonise cache on the three servers that we use in production.
I want the solution work in this way:
if any change occurs in the data of one server cache, it should broadcast the change to the remaining two servers. Depending upon the state these servers have their cache in, caches should be updated.

I did some google on this and found out that there is a protocol Server Cache Synchonisation Protocol- SCSP RFC 2334. At this point, I am not very sure as to how this can be used. I dont have any backgroung in Internet Engineering so I am at a slight disadvantage.
What other options do I have? Can I use IP Multicasting for this purpose? Can I use any class/es from java.net?
Please help. Thanks in advance for replying.
pls respond guys!!
Google again for "java distributed cache" and use an established product.

This sounds as simple as broadcasting changes, but you also have to handle one server that starts later than the others, or maybe you stop and restart one server in a cluster. It needs a "full refresh" mode, too.

I thought I needed destributed caches once, but used a database instead. My particular case was ok with the difference in performance.
Thanks for your help. Will try doing it this way.

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