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RMI-IIOP Pass By reference
Hi , i am new to this forum.Got some doubts to clear!!!

In RMI-IIOP one can pass Method parameters by Reference which results in the Client generating and sending a stub for the Object parameter to the remote server.Correct me!!! if i am wrong here ,[the server then calls the stub method to connect back to the client thereby Modifying the Objects State(In this Whole process the client Also creates a skeleton to complement the stub that it sent previously to the server ,so that the server can Invoke methods on the referenced Client Object).]

Now!! What is the result if the Object which is Passed by reference (for which a stub and skeleton is created on the client side), contains a method which inturn takes the Object of the Same Class or of a different Class as a Parameter which is marked to be passed by reference i.e[which implements the 'Remote' Interface] ?

Would it not create an Ininite loop of 'Stub & Skeleton' Creation ???
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Welcome to JavaRanch. I hope you can find an answer to your question here. Unfortunately, I myself don't know about RMI-IIOP.

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