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How to parameter dataTable with ressource file
Hi !

I would like to know if it's possible to parameter a dataTable number of rows using a data stored in a ressource file ??

Here is the content of my constantes.properties:
nbLignesTable = 5
libelleLongeurMax = 30

I load this file using
<f:loadBundle basename="test.portal.properties.gdp.constantes" var="constantes"/>

now in my code i have a dataTable

<x ataTable id="liste" value="#{liste}" var="ligne" styleClass="listeElements"headerClass="head" rowClasses="line1,line2" columnClasses="colonneImage, colonneLibelle, colonneDescription"rows="5"rendered="#{liste != null}">

componants here.....

</x ataTable>

I would like to use
..rows="#{constantes.nbLignesTable}" in my dataTable,
but i get an exception with the following reason:
java.lang.String ???

does anyone knows if it's possible to do this ??

Could you create a managed bean and have it load the bundle. Put some gets in it to retrieve the constant values?
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