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Oracle Date and Time problem
am using hibernate to store the data in to database. Oracle version is 10g. when i insert the date value in to Oracle Date field. its taking "dd/mm/yyyy" format. i want that to be "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss a" like "06/22/2006 11:24:34 PM". In the hibernate pojo field data type is java.sql.date.

i tried "new Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis())", new Timestamp(new Date().getTime()) etc. please let me know the solution.

Note : i cant change the field type in table.
From Java's end of things, you can solve this problem by using a PreparedStatement. Then you just call prepStmt.setTimeStamp(timestamp) and don't have to worry about the format.
Thanks for your suggestion. Am using Hibernate with Spring which handles the Database operations. Please let me know if there is any other alternative from java end to set the timestamp as needed.

Thanks in advance
I haven't used Hibernate, so I can't personally comment on this.

I'm moving your post to the Object Relational forum where the Hibernate experts hang out.

I guess you have only played with value date only but have you mapped your db column to java.sql.Timestamp type in your code.

I would recommend that whatever is your data column in database, map it to java.sql.TimeStamp and provide your value as timestamp

Thansk for the message.
I even tried with the Hibernate mapping n when i changed the property value from "date" to sql timestamp, hibernate is throwing error : cannot find the matches for the type timestamp.
I changed the Oracle data type to TIMESTAMP and i had new problem as time is stored as "mm/dd/yyyy 12:00:00:00,000 AM". Time is stored as default 12:00:00 AM and its not right. it is not taking the right time.

Please help me out.
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