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Web Services - Design Problem
I am new to the world of Web Services. I am working on a Web Service which will Automate the purchase processing system of a company. My company needs to interact with different vendors to get their quotations and will place an order with a particular vendor(ie the one with the lowest bid).
The problem is that is it possible (in Web Services scenario) that different vendors have different forms for placing the order or do all the vendors comply with the same tModel. If the vendors have different forms then how are we going to make it dynamic at application side (since the selection of vendor is dynamic).
Well, it sounds like this is a one-way application on your part. Web services is more akin (today, anyway) to a two way agreement between parties. Your service needs to be able to interact with each vendor in order to pull back a price. It would seem that these vendors need to be on the same page with you in order to standardize. Anyone else, please correct me if I'm wrong here...

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