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SOAP ToolKit 3.0
I am building a client in java to access a webservice/. I had issues accessing the webservice because it is using HTTP basic authentication. I am not able to use axis or such tools (company restrictions). Can MS SoapToolkit be of any help o me? Should I have .NEt to use MS Soap? I have an all java environment.
The Microsoft SOAP Toolkit is deprecated by the .NET Framework. SOAP Toolkit support will be retired in April 2005, but its doesn't require .NET framework. You will IIS for running soap server objects, but for client object you just need windows OS.

I think its better if you convience your company to use Axis for your case.

I am not able to use axis or such tools (company restrictions).

I am curious about this company policy. Enormous numbers of corporate sites make use of Apache Software Foundation (ASF) applications and toolkits such as Tomcat and Axis. IBM and Sun have both contributed software and paid programmers to assist ASF projects. The existance of this body of no-strings-attached software is one of the main reasons for the continuing success of Java. Perhaps the company is confusing the ASF licensing policy with other more restrictive policies.

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