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Can webservices support vectors of complex data types .. Like custom bean
I tried creating webservices in RAD6.0 and I am having problems trying to use Vectors of a bean .
Is vectors of complex data type supported with WebSphere.
If any one has any information please post some link on how complex
data types can be supported . ?

Unless you're willing to serialize it in binary form, you'll need to map your collection to an array. This article should help you get going.
Thanks Dittmer great article .
Exactly what I was trying to do.
One more question. Could I still encapsulate an Vector or ArrayList as my instance variable like this..

public class DEscription {
ArrayList description = null;

public void setDescriptionList(Desc[] desc) {
description = new ArrayList();

public Desc[] getDescriptionList(){

return Desc[] description.toArray();

I see no reason why not, because it never gets transferred over the wire, so you are free to implement as you choose.

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