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again: c# apache axis arrays
i am struglling with a common problem but can't find the answer in the multitude of discussions, so i am...

a) write java service interface
b) use Java2WSDL to create wsdl file
c) use wsdl.exe to generate c# stub
d) deploy java service to tomcat/axis using RPC, Wrapped, Literal service configuration

so, i can pass simple javabeans to and fro but once a add an array to my java bean the contents do not get passed (i.e. array.length = 0). i've tried switching to document mode but then the C# code throws exceptions. i have looked at the wsdl and it seems to generate correctly, here's an extract....

what am i missing?
Here is an example I always build from.
I also tend to always go from wsdl to source code.

The Array of Recording

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ok - i tried doing wsdl -> java (using wsdl2Java) and wsdl -> c++ (using wsdl.exe) but still no joy deserializing an array in the C# client - i'm playing catchup here, but - i think my java side is ok - i've just used TCPMonitor and the object being passed from java service to the C# client contains correct entries (i.e. array elements) so it seems that the c# client is discarding the array data?
ok solved this - the problem was that the generated wsdl was incorrect...

<complexType name="ArrayOfPerformanceVO">
<element maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0" name="item" type="impl erformanceVO"/>

i replaced "item" with "pvos" as found in the xml returned by the java server and all worked fine.
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