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Problems communicating with a .NET webservice...

I am having problem communicating with a .NET webservice with a small client that was developped in-house.

The program currently works in production but doesn't work in the test environement.

I was told that this is because the other company uses an SSL accelerator and our application doesn't handle cookies they are sending us and are supposed to send back. I tried adding code to do so but was unsuccessful.

I found out that the version of Axis we're using is 1.2RC2 (I believe this was the latest available at the time though I am not sure, while I did work on a module used by that web service client I wasn't the one calling the shots on what was used and I was not the person who actually coded the client itself).

While browsing on the web I found out that it looks like there were problems with the cookie handling of that version so I got a newer version...

At first I tried 1.4 and it didn't work and I tried 1.2.1 and it didn't work either. I did have to modify the client as I was now receiving the cookies (I have to handle two of them) were now passed as a String[].

So passing from 1.2RC2 to 1.2.1 breaks the client...

What's weird and that I don't fully understand is that the other company's web service complains about a missing/incorrect field in one of the SOAP headers and I am told it's because our client doesn't handle the cookies correctly???

Another thing that confuses me is that the .NET programmer tells me I have to take the two cookies, concatenate them and send them back as one... Is he telling me that because that's what seems to be happening under .NET or do I have to send two separate cookies...

Web services (and web technologies in general) are not my forte so I might be missing something very simple...

Please help...


Does anybody know of anything that explains how to communicate with a .NET web service from Java (especially something that deal with cookies and sessions?).


My experience in talking to .NET is very limited, but if this was my problem I would start by capturing the full text of the messages with something like TCPMON and asking the web service people for example message text that works.

Is there a published WSDL for the .NET service?


Thanks for the reply...

We are using HTTPS which makes using a "sniffer" or "sniffer-like" tool somewhat difficult I believe...

It works now but I needed to patch Axis because the way Axis sends cookies (separatly) is not compatible with the way "something" (SSL accelerator I guess since we didn't have the problem before they activated it) expects to receive cookies (all on the same line, separated with semi-colons). When I was trying to mimic this format Axis was remapping the semi-colon to a comma...

It looks (according to what I read) like neither Axis nor the SSL accelerator/.NET supports the full specs as far as cookies are concerned as it seems like these are all acceptable ways to send cookies...

We're still trying to find alternate solutions as using a patched library is not something we want to do if we can avoid it...

Thank you and have a nice day!

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