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Using AXIS .. Custom Object Returns
Hi, I am using Axis to expose a service. This service is exposed as jws file. It has four methods. one of its method return a custom object and Axis doest not allow me to retrun it. It send 'No serializer found for class ' error. Now searching on web i came to that i need to serialize and deserialize (or register my object class) using wsdd files. But i am not getting the point that how to generate them?.. where to place them? and how to register them. Can one tell me in simple way that what to do to get my object thrown over the wire using axis...

Thanking in Advance.
The problem with JWS is that it has no deployment descriptor - which is where you declare any custom serializers/deserializers Axis needs to use. So you won't be able to transfer any non-standard types with a JWS-based WS.
Please help me and let me know how to write and where to place this diployment discriptor. Any link or helping material would also work for me.
The Web Services FAQ links to a few articles showing how to get started with a proper service (not a JWS service) using Axis. They all use deployment descriptors. Axis also comes with a number of examples in the "samples/userguide" directory.
thnaks buddy.. it helped me alot.


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