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Multiple axis2 services using same third party jars

I am new to the axis and tomcat. This might be a very easy question. But I couldn�t find the answer after an hour of googling.

I need to implement multiple axis2 web services that use a bunch of third party jars and deploy them to an apache-tomcat-6.0 application server. The application server already has an application deployed that also uses the third party jars. The web services and the application are closely related and would always be deployed together. I am wondering is there a way to refer to the jars in a central location rather than have one copy for axis2 web services and one copy for the application.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to JavaRanch.

Instead of keeping the jars in WEB-INF/lib, put them into TOMCAT_HOME/shared/lib. Then they will be usable by all web apps.
Thanks for the answer. I would try it out!

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