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Web Services to Non Web-based application communication
Hi All,
We developed a network product(non web-based) based on RMI commnunication. We want to expose our client as an activex control. Web Services fulfill our needs. Now i want to know, how can i communicate with my application which is didn't built on web server to web services. In turn web service communicate with client activex control.

To what extent JavaFX fulfill my requirement?

Thanks in advance,
Hello "vbariged"-

Welcome to JavaRanch.

On your way in you may have missed that we have a policy on screen names here at JavaRanch. Basically, it must consist of a first name, a space, and a last name, and not be obviously fictitious. Since yours does not conform with it, please take a moment to change it, which you can do right here.

As to your question, I don't quite understand the architecture. The client uses WS to communicate to a server? If so, then there's problem - a WS client doesn't need to run a WS server or web server.

Acccessing COM/ActiveX objects from Java is covered in this FAQ entry.

JavaFX is something of a GUI and scripting technology; it wouldn't apply in this case.
Hi Ulf Dittmer,
Thanks for your reply. My architecture is like..
Our application developed based on client-server model. At present it is not supporting any type of web server. It's purely implemented over RMI layer. Now i want to expose my client as Activex (mostly in VB). In future, we have planning to give web server support to our existing application.
How extent we can use Web Services which meets all of our criteria?

If not web service, what will be the best alternative?

In a scenario like this -where you're talking of supporting native code- I think using WS would be a better match than RMI (which only works if there's Java on both ends of the connection). Using WS would allow you to access the server from within the native code, and it can pass through firewalls more easily than RMI.
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