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Web Service data type "Time" issue
I am having data type 'Time' (org.apache.axis.types.Time) trouble. The client send the data to the server, the result (server write in MySQL) always 1 hour ahead. I've investigated the timezone and any possible aspect, but still cannot resolve the poroblem.

I have a web service bean running on JBoss. One of the data type is TIME. JBoss IDE compile the code and generate a data type with
javax.xml.datatype.XMLGregorianCalendar class.
On the client side, Eclipse generate the data type that use the:
org.apache.axis.types.Time class.

By using the TCP/IP monitor, I can see the client pass '12:10:30.000Z' to the server. Somehow, this will end up as '13:10:30' which is one hour ahead.

The client and the server are both on the same machine at the moment. The timezone is GMT-0.

I have also use Eclipse web service explorer client to test. There is NO such problem. By using eclipse TCP/IP monitor, I can see the client pass '12:10:30.000' to the server.

Somehow, this 'Z' at the end of the time format will make 1 hour ahead. Any body know what's going on?
I have been trying to narrow down the problem. I know if I can make org.apache.axis.types.Time.toString() print out without 'Z' at the end, then I can get rid of this problem. But I've tried every possible way, it simple always print 'Z' at the end.

new Time('12:10:00');


new Time(java.util.Calendar); with all the timezone setup properly...

Still, Time.toString() will have a 'Z' at the end.

I suspect that Eclipse Web Service Explorer did use org.apache.axis.types.Time as the data type! Any comment?
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