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testing of j2me applications on emulators
there are various emulators that are provided by the companies like phone.com , nokia ( mobile devices ) , palm emulators.
what is the performance of these emulators? since it is piece of software , can it have the same performance , means response time etc. , which is quite important for embedded system.
so , are there any companies which allow you to test your j2me code on actual devices ?
Well, as of today you can certainly try out the Palm port of the CLDC reference implementation on an actual Palm/Handspring/Sony device, as well as using the Palm OS Emulator. Motorola's J2ME-enabled cellphone is coming out soon. You can run the RIM J2ME on their devices. So yes, the devices are coming out....
As for how fast the emulators run: in general the emulators will run faster than the actual device. This can be quite deceiving, so it is important to run your programs on an actual device at some point in the testing to make sure its response time is adequate....
thanks very much about the prompt reply. It was quite useful. I think I have not framed my question properly. So,you highlighted the very important fact regarding the performance of the emulators. so , it will really quite deceiving. so , right now there is no other way , but to have the device & test it on that.
I want to know whether any of those companies who are providing you with emulators , have some sort of arrangement to test your application. ( Offcourse , without buying the device. just like test ride of the bike. )
Hmmm.... you mean you want free devices? I'm sure some companies do it for their favored/strategic partners, but if you're Joe Developer I doubt you can qualify for free devices, even if the SDK is free.
i don't need free device. Do you know about jars.com where you can send your applet & get it tested & get the rating ? Something of that sort. I will send my application & they will test it & send me the feed back on the performance of the application on the real device.
do you think such type of the facility will be available in near future , if not available now?
I imagine there will be some kind of rating service, yes, as to how extensive they test it, I dunno. I don't know of one yet.
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