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Provisioning model
If you've read the MIDP spec, you'll notice that it dodges application provision. The spec recommends a JAM, Java Application Manager, but does really specify it.
There are a number of talks and products at JavaOne about this issue.
- Sprint PCS did a session on what telecomes can offer wrt to J2ME apps, including provisioning.
- ATG just announced a Java Vending machine to provision applications; other comapnies are coming out with similar products
- There's a new JSR on J2EE application provisioning, which certainly can't totally ignore J2ME clients
What do people think of the future of provisioning in the mobile space? What, if anything, would be helped by a standard? What will be the role of telecoms?

The MIDP expert group put together a recommendation for over-the-air provisioning of MIDlet suites and it will be incorporated into the next version of the MIDP spec.
I'm new here, and I have no idea what Provisioning is... Care to elaborate guys? Thanks!
Provisioning doesn't have an agreed upon definition. I would say it includes all of the following.
app download (to a platform)
app installation (to a platform)
app starting
app stopping
app removal (from a platform)
It's not a big issue on PCs (J2SE, J2EE), because those systems were designed to have programs installed on them. Phone's weren't designed for this sort of thing. Plus, there are historical issues, as I suggested above. (I would actually argue that provisioning is way overlooked, and should be given more consideration on PCs, but the free market doesn't seem to agree.)

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