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Starting J2ME
How is it? What kind of devices can be used with it now? Also, any good tutorials to understand the underlying framework of J2ME? I'm waiting on the O'Reilly book to be published before I really start to study it. I just want a 30,000 foot view at the moment.
A good place to start is http://wireless.java.sun.com
Tons of stuff!
Also check out http://java.sun.com/j2me
Cool, thanks alot for the links. So I've got to ask, how hard was the Sun Cert test?
And another question, I downloaded the toolkit. So do I need to write some code in JBuilder and save it. Then open it up in the main toolkit console to run it? Is that, more or less, the "application server" for wireless development?
The prog cert was not that hard. Once you are ready for it, it can't be hard
For the code, you are right, you can just edit it with whatever editor you want and then you open a new project in the wireless toolkit and build it and run it.
Why wait on the O'Reilly book? I published the first book by _anyone_ on J2ME, and just published a book devoted to MIDP. Either of those would be a great starting point for you. You can see the table of contents and sample chapters for them at www.j2medeveloper.com. There are also several other good books available from other publishers.
Well, I'm rather busy with some other aspects to Java. Mainly, J2EE. Hopefully, in the next 6 months I'll have some time to start J2ME.

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