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can we show a movie clip using J2me
Hi Friends...
all i got for the api is, one can show only .png file. I just want to find out that, is there any way to show a movie clip in a mobile device....or an animated gif.....
one way is using threads and replacing png files one by one to show animation......
what about showing a movie clip...is there any other way apart from J2me
Naveen Sharma
I would say yes although I never tried.
Look at the following article http://wireless.java.sun.com/midp/articles/smartticket
In the second half of the article, they show how to retrieve a movie poster preview from a web server. It should be possible to retrieve many images from the web server and display them rapidly enough to make it look like a movie. BUT I have strong doubts concerning the bandwidth issues. Will your device be able to retrieve the images from the web server rapidly enough and display them smoothly?
It's worth the try. Let us know.
I guess you could. See the link below:
It can play MPEG movie on MIDP devices (slow, 2-3 frames a second). I do not think phones are designed to watch movies. So, anything like that must stretch the capabilities of hardware and network.
Yes u can make movie clip by joing png files and animating it.I have seen sl45i yahoo roups file.Join those group.

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