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Urgent! Expert advice needed!
Hello everybody, I am working on a project for which I have to program for a device, an implementation of MMS. The company at which I am doing this project is equipped with webcams, scanners, speakers etc. It has no infrastructure wherein you can avail the services of a MMSC. The NT servers, I was told, should provide the required services. My question is that can I implement the project using J2ME emulator and do I need the webcams et al for this implementation or should I integrate the functionality of all in one? The device I was told is to act as a wired mobile device(like a cordless phone). What are the other technologies I need to have a knowledge of? Also how is it possible to connect(if at all) to the webcams etc.? And if these need to be connected to the device then how is this application going to be different from videoconferencing? Can anybody suggest any books for reference or tutorials available online? I am good at J2SE and have learnt a little of J2ME. Any help appreciated.

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