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positioning the lable in palm's screen using j2me??
hi all,
I'm quite new using j2me in palm. Does anyone of you has idea, how to adjust the position of the StringItem in palm screen? i'm understand that the StringItem's title will be on left justified and text will be on right, but i want it full control on it. i need to control the full screen on palm.
Thanks in advance.
MIDP handles the layout for all of the high level GUI components. You may be able to do something with a Canvas, but I haven't tried it.
I am supposing that you wish to center the StringItem on the screen ? Maybe you should calculate the width of the String
Font font = Fong.getDefault(); // or your font
it str_w = font.stringWidth( yourStringItem.getLabel() ); // or getText ot both
so with this info in mind you can add additional space before and after to adjust the position. If you are dealing with a Form you can add directly the String - that gives you more freedom to operate it.
Hope this helps,

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