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Cannot create class in system package & UnsatisfiedLinkError
I'm doing some things in J2ME.
My midlet runs in Sun's WTK2.0 without error.
But on Nokia 7210 Emulator I got error Cannot create class in system package.
So, I want obfuscate *.jar files using retroguard. But here I got this error:

What's wrong?
Any advise? Plz.
I use J2SE1.4, WTK2.0 and I don't use any C/C++ in this code.
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I'd suggest having c:\wtk22\wtklib\emptyapi.zip in classpath for retroguard.
Do not use Nokia emulator classes.zip or WTK's cldcapi11.jar or midpapi20.jar.
These libs will contain "links" to windows native dlls. You can avoid them by using emptyapi.zip.


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