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phone book access
Is there any Java/Nokia API for accessing native phone book of the device like NOKIA 6600,NOKIA 3650 etc??? In my application ,if the message sender's number is stored in the mobile device local phone book, the number should automatically be replaced by the name in the inbox display. Is there any way for this ??
Can anybody help me ???
Arun D Paika.
With the current Nokia phones, you cannot do that.
I'm using Nokia Developer's Suite 2.0 and Series60 MIDP Concept SDK Beta 0.3.1 to develop my application. Is there any possibility to access phone book with this???
Arun D Paika
No, that emulator doesn't support any API for accessing the phone book.
Actually, currently Nokia doesn't have any emulators or (announced or for sale) phone models that support such an API. You need to wait for a phone or emulator that supports the JSR-75 PIM API.
I have read that , the device manufacturers will provide OEM (Original
Equipment Manufacturer ) classess for accesing device specific features
such as sending or receiving messages, accessing device database etc. Is
it true?? Is there any such APIs provided by NOKIA (for NOKIA 6600 and
3650 ), which can be use for access the address book. OR any other
NOKIA APIs are there for accessing device specific datav for 6600 and

Arun D Paika.
Arun, I don't know whether such proprietary Java APIs are available, but I'm sure those APIs are mentioned at forum.nokia.com if they exist.
The only proprietary API in either the Nokia 3650 or Nokia 6600's MIDP implementation is the 'Nokia UI API' (which allows control of sound, vibration & lights and better graphics, and is mostly rendered obsolete in Nokia 6600 by features of MIDP 2.0). This API doesn't cover the features that Arun is looking for.
Thank You very much

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