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WMA MIDlets, how do you receive sms without a port no.
I'm writing a MIDlet that listens for incoming sms messages. It is listening on port 50000. When I send a sms message from a MIDlet I created that sends a sms message using port 50000 it receives it no problem. But if I send a sms message from a mobile not using this MIDlet then it won't receive it. I think this is because normal sms message aren't sent with a port number or I'm using the wrong one.
How can you interept with port to listen for or what port do all sms message use
"Portless" SMS message is never delivered to the Java runtime. It is always intercepted by the device's native SMS inbox. If your device support accessing the inbox from Java (e.g., JSR 75 or proprietary API), you can get the message by monitoring the native inbox.
Phones that use JSR-75 are very rare are they not? I've only found 2 nokia phones supporting it. Is there a site that lists them all? Whats the proprietary API?
can u tell me which nokia phones that support jsr 75?
Nokia 9500 and 6630 support JSR 75.

Most Motorola phones have some sort of proprietary API for inbox access.
oic, but how can our mobilephone listening for incoming message from any port sending to them?
is there any solution to receive sms from unknown port?
Looks like receiving portless sms messages using a MIDlet can't be done!
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