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Network Communication
Hi all,

I have a midlet that establishes a Http connection, sends some data and receives some data. After this the network connection and data input/output streams are closed.

I have been testing this on Nokia 6600. When the network connection is established and the data exchange is taking place I see a �G� sign on the screen. However, it does not go away when I stop using the particular feature that involves network communication. It only goes away when I exit the midlet.

I think that phones stay connected to GPRS even when network connections are closed, but don�t you think that the �G� sign should go away after some time.


We've had the same problem. AFAIK, it's a common problem for some phones. Your connection get's closed, but for some reason the "connection icon" stays, which is rather annoying.

/Svend Rost

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