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info abt panasonicX60, MIDP ver., Heap
Hi all,

buddies, i ma looking for the info abt panasonicX60, X400, X701,
the info that i am looking for is--> MIDP ver., Heap Size, Max Jar size,Screen size........
could u plz tell me some good links as i am really not able to get any useful info abt them...............any links that u may know abt the websites that may provide such info........

gud day
Hi Ramy, yes trying to find good sites to have good tech info on phones is always tough to find. Panasonic might have a developer site for such info.

On a wierd way to get info for most devices is getting J2ME Polish. It has a devices.xml file that shows all the features and sizes of stuff form J2ME for each specific device in its file. It is XML based so you will ahve to read their tags. But it is one of the most comprehensive lists out there.

Oh, and is "here" your real last name?

Thanx for the help.........there really aren't very good sites providing such info....I have looked for all the panasonic sites as well, and finally posted a FEEDBACK that they must include such info......and I also downloaded the J2ME polish but it also had only 1 or 2 phones info n that too in 1 f the .pak files(it also took me some time to figure that out)..

AnyHow thank you very much for the response......n have a very gud day( or nice n sweet dreams, whichever is applicable).......

n here may not be my real last name.....but than i wonder if even ramy is my real first name(?)

tk care

n here may not be my real last name.....but than i wonder if even ramy is my real first name(?)

But we do have a naming policy in which we want everyone to use their real first and last names. And those that don't follow the policy find their accounts suspended or deleted. the whole naming policy is in line with our be nice policy. It is more personal and friendly to use your real first and last name. Plus you can make a name for yourself. This site has helped me tremendous in getting my name out. A very big good side affect of this great site.

So, while sometimes people us fake names, but names that could possibly be real. But we are good at seeing some fake stuff like "here" as a last name. If Ramy is or is not your first name doesn't matter as much to me as much as "here" not being your last name.

How about using Ramy Rusenmas. Sounds like a good name to me.

Have fun and I hope we can help you out a lot at this site, cause that's why were here and gives us huge satifaction and warm fuzzy feelings.

midp 1.0 site.

And with the lack of more information on websites. I'd assume it has the minimun sizes required by the MIDP 1.0/CLDC 1.0 specification.

Good Luck.


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