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Is Record store unidirectional.
Hi folks,

The spec has made it clear that the Record Enumerations are bidirectional and it is further evidenced by providing methods that has such a traversal - nextRecordID() or previousRecordID()

IS the case same with record stores as well...

I doubt this as there is only a method for forward traversal - getNextRecordID() which doesnt advance the index position..
getNextRecordId() just tells you the ID that will be used by the next record addition, not the id of an existing record. If you add a record after calling
getNextRecordId() addRecord() should return the same id.

There is no traverse functionality provided by RecordStore itself, RecordEnumeration must be used for that purpose.

Your post clarified my things...

So we can only manipulate Recordstore directly, only if we no the Record ID directly or indirectly, if we are not getting the help of RecordEmuneration...

So if someone talks about any kind of traversal with RecordStores..it is gibberish?

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