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com.nokia.mid.messaging API
I want com.nokia.mid.messaging API ...i have checked previous topic regarding same API...i have tried that link also download the .jar or zip file for above mentioned API...please if you hv any link then cn you send it to me..!!coz i am unable to find it out..so it is giving error..as com.nokia.mid.messaging package doesnot exist..!!
that .jar or zip file have to be there in lib folder..but i am not geting..it..please send me link..if you hv any..
did you add the library in the classpath in your IDE..

and if it is Netbeans, rename the .zip to .jar if it is not already in ..jar format
i am using..java wireless toolkit 2.5
where should i add that library in j2me toolkit?
which library..sorry..bt didnt get that.
please reply as soon as possible.
i have never done packaging with the WTK..

But are you making sure that but some means you apuuting com.nokia.mid.messaging APIs in the classpath
That is a Nokia API. You must get it through Nokia, it doesn't come with the WTK.
Yes Marques...

Is there anyway he could include the Nokia API in the jarring, in WTK...
Try the external API settings in WTK.

See also the discussion here ...
yes, we can include..that is we can add external packages to WTK..
i am using wtk2.5 beta version...
bt i dnt hv com.nokia.mid.messaging...

so it gives an error like
C:\WTK25\apps\ChatMIDlet\src\NokiaSmsHandler.java:3: package com.nokia.mid.messaging does not exist
import com.nokia.mid.messaging.*;

and to all the functions used in it..

i need that com.nokia.mid.messaging..to be incluaded in :\WTK25\lib\
so that i can use it...

but its for sure..that wtk supports..external APIs

i hv checked that link..which is mentioned above...tried all the combinatons..bt its still not working..!!

from where i can get that nokia API?

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