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Mobile answering Machine
Hello all.. I am trying to create mobile answering machine in J2me..
I was able to record and play normal voice using MMAPI.. Now, I want to know how to receive call by the application and record the other person's voice.

Checking Java Telephony API but have read that no phones currently support it... so is it true? if yes, what are the alternatives?
I'm developing an answering machine for java. I think s40 3rd edition mobile phones can support recording but it requires MIDP 2.0 or 2.1 / CLDC 1.1 with MMAPI JSR-135 (JavaCall API). I just want to ask if how did you record and play normal voice. what are the applications did you used. I'm hoping for your positive response, Let's help each other. Thank You!

Denmar Perez
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