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some question about static methods and Thread safety , please
Thank you for reading my post.
1-Are static methods thread safe ? I mean if i declare a method to be static , will it run in guarded mode ?
2-if static methods are thread safe , does JVM run them internally in Synchronized mode?

by static method i mean :

Thank you
Static-ness and thread safety are unrelated concepts. The JVM runs them in synchronized mode only if they're declared to be synchronized, or part of a synchronized block. So a static method needs to take the same precautions a non-static method would take against concurrent access problems.
In general what makes something unsafe is two threads locking or modifying a shared resource like an object, file, database or partner system. Your method didn't do that, so it's ok for now.

You could have a shared resource as a static varible, a parameter, a member variable on a singleton, anything you get from another method, anything you give to another method or something external to your code. I bet there are more ways I didn't think of just now. All this can make maintaining thread safety kind of tricky!

Are you aware that static methods can be modified by the keyword "synchronized", and that the following two ways of making a static method synchronized are equivalent?

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