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Need to stop a thread(possibly)

I have a javax.swing.Timer object, and also a method which I want it's execution to stop when the timer reaches 1 minute.

I thought about putting this method into a Thread, then stopping the thread inside the timers actionPerformed method from its ActionListener which used in the Timer constructor to create the Timer object.

But I can't just stop a thread with .stop() since that is deprecated,
perhaps Thread.destroy() will do the job, I will test it now in a little test program.

Is there any other way to stop execution of the method, without using while or if statements in the method.

Hope that makes sense.

[ May 11, 2006: Message edited by: colin shuker ]
Not without using deprecated and dangerous methods like Thread.stop(). You don't really want to do what you're suggesting. A loop that checks for the condition on which it should stop is the appropriate idiom.
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