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Showing server file directories through applets
I'm looking for a way to use the functionality of JFileChooser to show a directory on a web server through an applet. I want to allow the user to select a data file from a choice of data files on the web server. Eventually I want to enable the user to set-up their own directory structure for multiple data and configuration files.
JFileChooser seems to choke on references to file systems from a applet, even when the directory is a URL/directory. By choke I mean that I get java.security.AccessControlExceptions whenever I try to invoke a JFileChooser method (such as setFileFilter) that has been set to a URL directory.
I did something similar for HTML pages by using a JList and passing it a vector of pages available for viewing (the vector was built using a servlet), but I would prefer to use the GUI richness of the JFileChooser.
Any thoughts?
u can't use JFileChooser with an applet.
What kind of corn soldier are you? And don't say "kernel" - that's only for this tiny ad:
Why should you try IntelliJ IDEA ?

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