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JQ Plus....what's your oponion
Hi all !
I'm about to take my final decision about buying JQ Plus or not. I see that many people have used it and they did get good results.
So what do you say, is it possible to do without it ?? or is it a must buy ?
I think it was a tremendous benefit as it has similarities to the actual exam. If you're passing JQ+, You will likely pass the actual test. I believe it was critical to my passing the SCJP2. In fact, I found it to be so useful, I am using JWebPlus in preparation for my SCWCD.
The bottom line is: What works for YOU? Download the trial version, if you find it challenging and believe it will help you, then it's well worth the purchase.
Good Luck!
JQ+ is useful, but don't use it to measure your readyness for the actual exam. I was scoring 60-70 on JQ, and made an 86 on the exam.
you should buy a product like JWhiz or JQPlus. I used both of them and those are really good for better exam preparation and those help me a lot to get the top score...

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