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examcram.com not accessible. Does any one know why.
I had passed the JAVA 2 programmer exam in Jan and was suggesting my co-workers to use examcram.com to register for question of the day. But the site in not accessible - page not found error. Have they changed the name? Does anyone know more information.
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Thanks for pointing that out.
I believe that that site was hosted by the publisher that went out of business.
The book is still available but it is unclear how Bill and Marcus will get their Royalties :roll: .
Bill and Marcus hang around here though and you can also find them at www.jchq.net
Yep! Them gol-durned publishers went belly-up on us, owing royalties to a lot of authors too! Buncha side-winders!
The good news is that another publisher is picking up the rights to Java 2 Exam Cram - I'll let you know as soon as it is official.
Bill and Cindy,
Thanks for the information.
I just want to mention to you that your book was great. Those TRICKs and ALERTs really help. I had read a lot of good reviews. Are you considering writing a similar one for Web Component Developer? Though there are a lot of good study guides. I am sure your book boosts the confidence level before the exam. I got a lot of questions in the exam which were really close or same to ones you had mentioned.
I have always felt that there was no need for a developer's exam since so many Java books cover the servlet and JSP material. I am just wrapping up a book on Web Publishing with Cocoon and expect to start one on Sun's XML tools soon.
There are several Web Component Developer books either on the market or about to come on the market. Obviously they wont't be quite as good as one from Bill , but pretty dammned good anyway.
Bill and Marcus should start a Question of Day. I think it will be a big hit.
I am using for my CCNP preparation from Cramsession.com. I love it as it helps me to review one question a day.
Cindy (Cindy Glass), I bought the Passport book just because of your name in the book. I should say that I was very disappointed. I learned later that publisher messed up. I didn't even review the book just because of Cindy's name.
It's like buying books written by Bill and Marcus. Their names have become a brand like Coco Cola in the Java Certification Industry.
Should we expect some good and compreshensible articles from Bill, Marcus or Cindy on Assertion of JDK 1.4?
Well, thanks Rex. Sorry that you were disappointed.
Most of my writing lately has been contained to the JavaRanch Newsletter where I have a monthly segment on the more whimsical side of java.
So do you think that a silly segment on Assertions would be in order??
Rex if you think flattery like that will help you are absolutly right . Encourangement goes a long way.
I have been cooking various things for quite a while now, but I don't like to pre-announce.
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more ... https://richsoil.com/cards

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