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java 1.4 (scjp 1.4) exam books
please, guide me to get a good book for exam preparation of scjp1.4. It may be a download book also or Normal book.
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Please find below links to some resources for the SCJP exam:
SCJP 1.2 objectives
SCJP 1.4 objectives
Java Language Specification 2nd (JLS)
Official Java Language Specification Errata
Unofficial Java Language Specification Errata
Mock exams:
Maha's site
Javaranch mock exams list
Marcus Green's web site
Jiris e-Learning System
Dan Chisholm's web site
Test engines:
J@Whiz (SCJP 1.2)
J@Whiz (SCJP 1.4)
JCertify 6.0 (SCJP 1.4)
JCertify 5.0 (SCJP 1.2)
Javaranch bunkhouse
Other info:
Position on Real Questions - Must Read!
Other people's results
Good luck
Great summary! This is just the information I was looking for.
I have to make a shameless plug, but I reckon I'm allowed : )
I have a book on the 1.4 Programmer's Exam coming out at the end of this year (so, in December). I helped create the new exam, so I have a pretty good idea of the level of difficulty and the nature of what you need to know. My practice tests are very close to the way the real exam is now.
If you need to take the test immediately, then I would recommend the Passport book if you're taking 1.2, or the Sybex RHE book if you're going to take the 1.4 exam. After that, if you're taking the 1.4 exam, I'll quote Max Habibi from the Developer's forum and say, "you should go to your local bookstore and see if it meets your style."
You have to appreciate humour or you won't like it. Remember, I'm the one who wrote most of the original campfire stories ("Cup Size", "How my Dog Learned Polymorphism", "Getting in Touch with Your Inner Class", etc.) so if those don't appeal to you, this book won't either
p.s. I'll try to start helping out here with programmer exam questions whenever I can.
...and I just got two (2) copies of Java Rules!
Hi Kathy,

Originally posted by Kathy Sierra:

My practice tests are very close to the way the real exam is now.

Do you mind mentionning where to find your practice tests ?
Howdy -- the practice tests are actually in the book, but I'm going to post a lot of them very soon. I'll definitely let you know where and when.
That feels good. Thanks. Here's a tiny ad:
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