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Dans mock exam 2 ques3
I am enclosing the code Dan's mock exam 2 , ques3
The answer given is d .
I want to ask Dan something
class A is declared as public and assuming that both class A and B are in the same file, How would you save the file ? is it A.java or B.java.
If you save it as B.java, then there is a compiler error even before processing of code starts. However, by seeing the code , it seems as though the main method is in the B class.
I guess thats a typo. I am a bit confused

There is no chance for confusion in this case. The file name is clearly A.java. It is mentioned. The main() method is in class B.
But the question of main() mehtod comes in to picture only runtime.
So Before running the program using let us say java A (where we can expect runtime error for main not found)we are getting compile time error as we are accessing the private method of class A.
This is really one of the excellent questions as you need to think about a lot of things before answering the question
Oops, thanks Sarma... i dont know how i missed that.

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