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Can I get all the questions from the mock exam
I've been taking the mock exam as my first step in finalizing my studying for the SJCP exam. I've gone through it a few times now, and am starting to see a lot of the same questions. As I see the numbers go up to 300+, implying that there are over 300 questions. I must have done maybe 5 or 6 complete rounds, and I'm really hoping to hit all the questions. I was wondering if there was a way for me to get all the questions somewhere else, because trying to get those last questions to come up randomly is harder and harder. It just drives me crazy to see 35 questions I've seen before to try to catch the 1 question I haven't.
Hi Wilson, exactly which mock exam are you talking about?
I meant the rules roundup applet here. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
I'm moving this to the Prog Cert forum.
Please continue the discussion there, thanks

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