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From Dan's exam
Can someone please explain why or how 2 and 3 are considered in octal format?

Question 7
class D {
public static void main (String[] args) {
char a = 061; // 1
char b = '\61'; // 2
char c = '\061'; // 3
char d = 0x0031; // 4
char e = '\u0031'; // 5

Thank you.
You can read the format of the octal escapes in JLS 3.10.6
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Didn't know about those, but I have a feeling that would be a bit too esoteric for the exam itself, but still interesting to know.
Perhaps it isn't on the exam, but it is tough to know, as all the mock exams seem to include a few items that aren't on the exam, at least so people say. Since I haven't taken it yet I'm paranoid as to what will really be on the exam and how hard the real questions are.

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