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Controlling applet from html code  RSS feed

Rajeshwari Ramamurthi
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Is it possible to change the contents of the applet from html page where it is embedded
I have a network diagram. I have to change the contents of applet, depending on where the user clicks on the diagram.
Rob Hunter
Ranch Hand
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Im new at this but by "changing the contents of the applet" do you mean insert a different applet in it's place or just change variable(s) values? I would guess by using Javascript and accessing the applet array for the page you could do just about anything you want. I mainly program in VB, Perl, etc.., and have only recently started looking at Java so I hope my answers and questions in here arent dumb.
Darren Hicks
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Yes, you can have HTML (via Javascript )
communicate with an Applet.
Here are the basics:
1) Define a public method in your Applet that other script can access ( I used setMessage )
2) Define a Javascript function to delegate a call to the Applet, accessing the applet via document.applets['TestHtmlCommApplet'].
3) Call the javascript in the appropriate places ( and with parameters, if necessary ). I'm calling it from the onclick event of a button.
Here's code that will work, so long as the .java is compiled and in the same directory as the html.
---------------- --------
import javax.swing.*;
public class TestHtmlCommApplet extends JApplet
private String msg;
public void init() {}
public void setMessage( String disp )
msg = disp;
getContentPane().setVisible( false );
getContentPane().add( new JLabel( disp, JLabel.CENTER ) );
getContentPane().setVisible( true );
----------- TestHtmlCommApplet.html -------------
<title>HTML/Applet Test</title>
<script language="JavaScript1.2">
// changeDisplay will dispatch a call to the Java Applet
function changeDisplay( )
// The applet has a method called setMessage
document.applets['TestHtmlCommApplet'].setMessage( document.forms[0].display.value );
<body bgcolor=#C0C0C0 topmargin="2" leftmargin="2" bottommargin="2" rightmargin="2" >
<H1>HTML Communicating to an Applet</H1>
<applet codebase="." applet code="TestHtmlCommApplet"
name="TestHtmlCommApplet" width=300 height=100>
<INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=display VALUE="Show in applet..."><BR>
<INPUT TYPE=BUTTON VALUE="Send Text To Applet" nclick="changeDisplay();">
Sorry if the formatting translates poorly to the message board
( NOTE: I could not post with "onclick" in HTML above, change "nclick" to "onclick"! )
You can go the other direction, from Applet to Javascript on an HTML page by including the MAYSCRIPT tag in your HTML <Applet> tag.
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