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Dibya G. Baruah
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We have an applet which shows a HTML page in User editable format( HTML editor for Bussiness User) . We retrieve a HTML page from the Database and showed in the Applet, After the user modify the Page in the Applet we again store the HTML page in to the Database. Now after user does this process for several time the applet stops showing the recent HTML page and it shows only the old page which it has retrieved previously.
Once this problem starts occuring we are not able to view any new pages(only shows the old one).
This problem is not consistent across the client machine and it occurs only after we have done the editing of the HTML page for number of times. The only Solution we found it to reboot the PC. After that it works fine again.
We tried to debug this problem and we found that the page which it retrieve from the database is correct as well as the page which we send to the applet(verfied in the java console) is also correct. But we are not able to understand why the applet is showing the old HTML page .
My System Specification:
App Server : weblogic 5.1
DB server : Sybase
plug in : Java Plugin 1.3.1
Browser : Netscape 4.7 +
Java :1.3
Applet Page:
<html><head><title> Letter Editor Applet</title></head><body><OBJECT classid="clsid:CAFEEFAC-0013-0001-0000
-ABCDEFFEDCBA" WIDTH = 500 HEIGHT = 500 codebase="http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/1.3.1/jinstall-131-win3
2.cab#Version=1,3,1,0"><PARAM NAME = CODE VALUE = AGenerator.class > <PARAM NAME = CODEBASE VALUE = "/classes/
" > <PARAM NAME = ARCHIVE VALUE = "AGenerator.jar" ><PARAM NAME="type" VALUE="application/x-java-applet;jpi-ve
rsion=1.3.1"><COMMENT><EMBED type="application/x-java-applet;jpi-version=1.3.1" CODE = "AGenerator.class" CODE
BASE = "/classes/" ARCHIVE= "AGenerator.jar" WIDTH ='100%' HEIGHT = '100%' align='TOP' letterNo= "536268" re
visionNo ="1" url ="" userID="dibya" pluginspage="http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/1.
3.1/plugin-install.html" MAYSCRIPT="true" ><NOEMBED></COMMENT></NOEMBED></EMBED></OBJECT><P><HR size=4></P></B
>>>> Please help ...
Dermot Curley
Ranch Hand
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What are you using to view the applet ? browser / appletviewer. If you are using a browser it could be that it is caching the old AGenerator.class file and using it instead of the new one
Maybe Sun Java Plug-in/Java Web Start might be worth looking at. Check out the following: Web Start
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