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Arrays in Applets
Is there any way to pass an array into an applet?
What do you mean exactly? Where would the array come from?
For Example I have a regular HTML page that I want to keep as HTML - it is a form I want to pass many valued into an applet from the form. Instead of doing many getParams, can I just create it as an array, and pass it in to an appet?
You could try passing a single parameter as a delimeted string, say a list of strings seperated by semicolons, then use java.util.StringTokenizer to extract the individual strings from your list.
Yah, that is what I am doing now, I was just wondering if there was an easier way
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i don't exactly remember right now but somebody asked the same question on JSP forum i guess. he wanted to pass an array of String to the applet which he was getting in the JSP that had the applet embeded in it. i suggested the same thing to him as i don't know any simple/direct way of passing an array.
also if we can use JavaScript and Applet communication using JSObject then we can have JavaScript array passed to an applet method. can't we?

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