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Picking up the wrong jar file...
In my OBJECT tag, my codebase specifically points to a jar file in the current directory (where all the html is...). However I found out that if this jar file also exists in the JRE's lib/applet directory, for example C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_02\lib\applet directory, my applet will always pick this jar file for the first applet that is engaged by the browser. Anybody know if this is a current problem? Should it pick up jars from this library before any library we specify in the codebase param? My CLASSPATH is empty as well, Thanks in advance.
I'm not an expert but Java has a strict rule of where it searches first. Maybe there would be a way to give hints.
My textbook has it somewhere if I find I'll post it but i think its current directory, common, and jre.
I'll try to find it.
sorry couldnt be of more help

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