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Matcher.find() ?
I have some issues understanding the logic implemented by the find()/start() methods in class Matcher .

Sorry by browser comitted the post before it was complete,
can you check my new post?
You are looking for a certain pattern in your string. There may be several substrings matching that pattern. Each call to find() will get you the next substring matching that pattern. start() will then return the index of that substring (the first character of it in the whole string) and group() will give you the substring.

The problem here is that "*" matches the empty string too.

Try this instead to see it in action:
PS : Maybe wou wanted to use '+' instead of '*'
No, I wanted to use *, the problem is not undertstanding patterns
themselves, it is the output of the code that confuses me.
As said, this post is obsolete, it was comitted before I managed
to finish it I made another post with the same title.
Please check that for my "real" question.

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