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Couldn't we have something like PDC/MDC
We are here, in Pakistan, used to have Microsoft Developers Conference PDC/MDC since last three years. Now Microsoft has a large portion of IT market of Pakistan. And they are doing very successfully. I have attended PDC 2005 recently, I enjoyed some great speakers like Rafal Lukawiecki, Arvindra Sehmi. Their sessions are really worth it.

As I know we have a wide range of professionals at Ranch. I would like to request you people, specifically to those who are somehow associated with JAVAONE community or some other community like that. Couldn't we arrange these kind of conferences in Pakistan. Those would probably from JAVAONE or someother independent software community. Sometimes our J2EE developers suffer because of the market. They have to switch to .NET or something. However, I'm happily working on J2EE. Sometimes we need to hear something from independent party. I agreed that we have Ranch, and some other J2EE communities, that are helping us good. But most likely managers do not know about these communities or dont wanna listen them. They get inspired by great speakers, nice speeches, big names and etc... etc...

I think you people are getting me. My intention is not to wipe out .NET from Pakistan but just want some more conferences, especially something about Java/J2EE. We have lots of good J2EE technicals like developers, architects, analysts. Now we all wanna listen more, not just Microsoft.

Well, I think I am talking about something impossible. Ok never mind.
Thanks to all and especially those who read it, if any.
Hi Adeel,

How about looking for or starting a Java Users Group in your area?

Thanks Sonny. So nice of you.

Actually we have those quite alot. But conference is something else. A better way to promote. Most of the people, mostly managerial level personnels, get impressed by presentations, sessions from original vendors. Microsoft is doing that since last three years. And as a result they are getting more and more market shares every year.

I know its not that much easy. I was reading about organising JAVAONE Conference in india and china on some website. Dont know is it started or not.

Thanks anyway.
I would think that consortium of Java User's Groups (JUGs) in your country would be able to lobby for and attract such an event better than any outside forces ever could.
Yeah right. So, Im going for some JUG.
Thanks mates.
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