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Can I use JDK 6 for SCJP 5 Preparation!
Hi All!

I am preparing for SCJP 5 using K&B SCJP guide. Is it okay to use JDK 6 for testing the code available in the book. Am I gonna answer something incorrectly in the test if I have done all of snippets coding in JDK6.

I am asking this because the error messages and warnings that I see in JDK6 are different than the ones specified in K&B book.

Thanks in advance!!!
How much are they charging for the Java 5 SDK?

If you can only afford to install one JVM, and cost is a major factor, then you really have no alternative. However, if you can scrape up enough money to buy the Java 5 JVM, you really should use that JVM for your learning.

The differences are very minor, but the exam does test you on many nuances of the JVM. I wouldn't do anything to make passing any more challenging than it alreay is. If it's a cost issue, well, there's not much you can do about it, but really, if you can afford the Java 5 JVM, you should use it.

-Cameron McKenzie
Thanks Cameron for your answer!!!

I had downloaded JDK 6. I ve got a very poor internet connection. I wanted to avoid the download time for JDK 5. I just wanted to make sure that using JDK 6 wouldnt make me loose anything and I think it would. So, I am going to download the most updated JDK 5 for exam preparation.

Thanks again for such a quick reply!
Yeah, you should probably have the 1.5xxx version...but in the meantime, compile with -source=1.5 (I think that's the syntax). Anyway, read more about it here: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/tooldocs/windows/javac.html and also, you could do a javac -help and read about the -source option. Actually, using this command IS ON the test!
hi nico!
that is really informative link! though, i am going to downloaded jdk 1.5 and use it.... it is great to know the wide options availabel for javac.

thanks again nico... look forward to you guys whenever stuck!!!


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